Over the past decade, the medical field has experienced a massive digitization. The value of personal medical data has increased on the black market and, therefore, adversaries of Health Care Information Infrastructures (HCIIs) are now more numerous and better-skilled.


AI4HEALTHSEC will deliver an Artificial Intelligence Dynamic Situational Awareness Framework (DSAF) able to:

  • improve, intensify and coordinate the overall security efforts for the effective and efficient identification, evaluation, investigation and mitigation of realistic risks, threats and multi-dimensional attacks within the cyber assets.
  • support, prepare and help the Interdependent HCIIs participating in different types of Health Care Supply Chain Services.

The DSAF will support:

  • the HCIIs and the other stakeholders comprising the Health Care ecosystem to recognize, identify, model, and dynamically analyse cyber risks.
  • forecasting, treatment and response to advanced persistent threats and handle daily cyber-security and privacy risks, incidents and data breaches


Self-organized Swarm Intelligence (SI) model

Distributed data management and reasoning capabilities

Dynamic Situational Awareness Approach for HCIIs

Validation in real operational environments

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