Project Deliverables

D1.1 (d1)

Project management handbook

month 4
D1.2 (D2)

Risk Identification and Management & Privacy and Quality plan

month 6
D1.6 (D6)

Ethics, Privacy, Security and Data Management Plan

month 6
D2.1 (D8)

AI4HEALTHSEC Requirements and Research Directives

month 6
D2.2 (D9)

Legal and Ethical Requirements

month 6
D8.1 (D53)

Dissemination and Communication Plan

month 6
D9.1 (D60)

H - Requirement No. 1

month 6
D9.2 (D61)

POPD - Requirement No. 3

month 6
D2.3 (D10)

User and Stakeholders Reference Scenarios and AI4HEALTHSEC Evaluation Metrics and Criteria Principles

month 8
D2.4 (D11)

System Architecture and Technical Specifications

month 8
D1.3 (D3)

Periodic Activity Report Version 1

month 12
D3.1 (D12)

Self-organized Swarm Intelligence Model Version 1

month 12
D3.3 (D14)

Privacy, Data Protection and Visualisation Schemes Specification Version 1

month 12
D4.1 (D16)

1st Horizontal Layer Specifications Version 1

month 12
D4.3 (D18)

2nd, 3rd and 4th Horizontal Layer Specifications Version 1

month 12
D9.3 (D62)

GEN - Requirement No. 5

month 12
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