CyberKit4SME – AI4HEALTHSEC collaboration workshop

The overall aim of CyberKit4SME is to democratize advanced cyber security methods for SMEs and MEs, in order to:

  • Enable SMEs and MEs to monitor and forecast cybersecurity risks by equipping them with advanced, but low-cost and easy-to-use tools
  • Raise SMEs and MEs’ awareness of cybersecurity risks, vulnerabilities and attacks through training in the use of these tools
  • Support SMEs and MEs to manage their security, privacy and personal data protection risks by providing a wide-ranging set of tools
  • Equip SMEs and MEs with an online collaborative, security information sharing and incident reporting system

The CyberKit4SME project aims to demonstrate these tools working in an operational environment based on SME partners’ existing product and service testing environments, and with users fulfilling their normal business roles. It will also take the necessary actions to ensure the tools provided will be commercially sustainable and can be made available to a wide range of SMEs and MEs following the project.

A preliminary meeting took place on the 7th of March 2022, with the following agenda:

  • Presentations / Introductions
  • CyberKit4SME short presentation
  • AI4HealthSEC short presentation
  • Collaboration discussion
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