Kick off meeting

The kick-off meeting of the AI4HEALTHSEC project was held virtually on October 30th 2020.

All AI4HEALTHSEC partners participated to get to know each other and to organize their work.

The objectives of the meeting were:

  • to introduce kickoff participants and provide overall information about the project. Project overview (Project Coordinator – CNR)
  • to introduce the AI4HEALTHSEC model and the overall approach to technical activities. Technical Overview (Project Technical Manager – FP)
  • to introduce the quality management strategies. Quality and Dissemination aspects (Quality and Dissemination Manager – TUV)
  • to introduce the risk identification, assessment and management procedures. Risk aspects (Risk Manager – FORTH)
  • to introduce the aspects for exploiting the project’s results. Exploitation aspects (Exploitation Manager – AEGIS)
  • to introduce the main innovation aspects of AI4HEALTHSEC. Innovation aspects (Innovation Manager – PHILIPS)
  • to introduce the main legal and ethics procedures for data protection. Legal and Ethical aspects (Legal/Ethical Manager – PN)
  • to introduce the EU vision and the expected goals. Call and Objectives (EU Project Officer)
  • to present the consortium skills and contributions with particular reference to the project context and objectives. (Partners’ presentation)
  • to introduce the security strategies for preventing the misuse of sensitive information. Security monitoring and assessment (Project Security Officer)
  • to instantiate project committees (PSC, PIC, WPL, UAB, SAB, PC, PS, QMC) and discuss their roles and responsibilities, and to schedule next project meeting.
  • to discuss the ongoing activities and the ones are planning to start in the next six months.
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